• First time in India - A silk protein based surgical wound cover. (from a non-mammalian source)
  • Patented technology. ( Indian Patent No. - 245840)
  • Research and development - Supported by Dept.of Biotechnology(DBT)

FIBROHEAL is a sterile, silk protein derived biomodified, bilaminated patented surgical wound cover helps in the healing off the wounds much faster than any other dressings.


Each sheet contains

Asiaticoside (from Centella Asiatica Mandukaparni IHP) NLT 0.6% w/w
Activated Silk Matrix 46%
Solubilizer and humectants q.s.
  • Partial thickness burn wounds
  • Skin graft donor sites
  • Chronic skin ulcers
  • Other non-infected wounds
Product Name Size (in cms) Std. Pkg.
FIBROHEAL 5X5 10 sheets in a carton
FIBROHEAL 10X10 10 sheets in a carton
FIBROHEAL 10X25 10 sheets in a carton
FIBROHEAL 20X25 10 sheets in a carton
  • Bilaminate wound cover One surface Hydrophobic and the other Hydrophilic
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation
  • Non mammalian wound dressing
  • Highly absorbent
  • Maintains a moist environment for faster wound healing
  • Available in different sizes (5X5cms, 10X10cms, 10X25cms, 20X25cms)
  • Gentle removal from the wound
  • Dermatological safe
  • Forms protective, breathable barrier
  • Moisturizes and protects peri-wound skin
  • Dermis proliferation leading to high cell attachment and tissue regeneration
  • Creates and maintains an environment that is favorable for healing and re-epithelialisation
  • Reduced healing time and scar formation
  • Superior pain index
  • Ease of application and detachment from the wound
Direction of use
  • Clean the wound thoroughly with an antiseptic after debridement of the wound surface
  • Take out Fibroheal sheet from the inner pouch
  • Cover the wound with Fibroheal sheet with red sticker facing outside away from the wound contact surface
  • If required, use dressing to secure the Fibroheal sheet to the wound surface
  • Each Fibroheal sheet should be used for single application only
  • For chronic cases, the Fibroheal sheet may be changed once a week after the debridement of the wound surface

Precaution : Avoid using in patients, hypersensitive to Fibroheal.